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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.” This adage belongs to one of the three laws of Clark, a British science fiction writer. This law is the third and was published in 1973. The perception of technology and the future back then is curious, it mostly generated doubt and skepticism, nowadays talking about technological advances can represent a captivating conversation between colleagues given that technology never ceases to amaze us.
We live surrounded by technology and it advances in practically each area of our lives, including our workspace, providing us with tools that facilitate processes and improve product quality. Quality assurance stems from the evolution of quality control, turning the reactive approach into a preventive one, in order to anticipate errors, detecting them at the very moment they appear, guaranteeing compliance with product quality specifications.
Currently in the industry, there are sorting machines with “Level of Development” (LOD) systems. These technologies follow the principle of the Terrestrial Laser Scanner which consists of obtaining a cloud of high-precision points by measuring distances and angles taken by laser beams that manage to capture the geometry, color and characteristics of the object such as holes and cracks. Based on this, the level of detail of a 3D model can be classified.

In the case of food production processes, classification by means of selection equipment that eliminates foreign objects, with biological and/or physical defects such as black spots and bruises, goes beyond a mechanized process, since it requires systems that tailored to specific needs and quality standards. An example of the use of laser technologies for food sorting is the machine with pulsed LED light camera, which is also an example of an optical fruit and vegetable sorting system that is very cost-effective for the IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) fruit and vegetable processing industry. Among its many benefits is the reduction in the use of chemical products and energy consumption, without depriving consumers of food safety, due to its high sorting capacity.
Another equipment that has helped to increase productivity and simplify activities is the fresh fruit sorter. Broadly speaking, the technology of this machinery examines, by means of high-resolution cameras, the fruit that is transported by means of a conveyor belt that stabilizes the fruit and prevents it from rolling. In a mango selection process, these machines would help to examine the quality of the fruit by detecting physical defects, biological damage such as abnormal formations, foreign objects and there is even some equipment that measures ripening related to Brix degrees (amount of sugars contained in the fruit).

It is important to notice that the operating systems that control this equipment are increasingly easier to handle, so they could require a minimum specialization for their use and the reduction of physical activities in general.
At MexiFrutas, we always seek continuous improvement as part of our quality and safety policy; whereby, we have specialized technology for our processes, in addition, we promote projects with similar technologies that drive us to ensure the quality of our products in every area of our business.

“Always and at all times we will have the concept of total quality as a standard to follow in our company and in our personal lives”

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Publication date: 02/02/2022


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