Mexifrutas Awards Masters Scholarships to Collaborators

Mexifrutas Signs Agreement with TecMilenio University to Award Masters Scholarships to Collaborators

At the beginning of this year an agreement was signed between Mexifrutas and TecMilenio University to award Masters Scholarships to our collaborators. This is in order to increase the potential of our staff by supporting and encouraging them to prepare beyond the bachelor’s degree. We have no doubt that this will help, not only for personal growth, but for the company to also grow with them by having future leaders better prepared. It will start with a group of 6 fellows and each year will continue in the search of more collaborators interested in taking a master’s degree.

The goal of all of this is to add value to their roles, professional and personal development as a future Mexifrutas Leader.

Congratulations to the collaborators who obtained the scholarship, we wish them the greatest success in order to conclude their goals and thanks to TecMilenio University for all the support provided to make all this possible.


Publication date: 06/06/2023


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