Sustainability And Social Responsibility

Mexifrutas contributes decisively in protecting the environment and improving life quality of its employees, for it has implemented strategies and sustainability initiatives seeking balance through innovative and friendly practices with our environment, thereby aiming to influence the different people we interact with, being an example fostering a better society…

Main aspects in which our company is based to promote and maintain this corporate culture:

  • Savings and better use of water, treating and reusing it to return it to the groundwater with the highest possible purity.
  • Energy efficiency and use of renewable energy, thus we contribute to reduce carbon residues.
  • Differentiated social benefits, contributing to the development and welfare of our employees and their families.
  • Scholarship programs for employee’s children, we seek to contribute the development and education of our children and youth.
  • Donations to welfare associations as part of a culture of solidarity with the most vulnerable sectors.

Our culture and sustainability philosophy forces us to acknowledge this commitment to each link in the agro alimentary chain we are part of, it is why we work constantly with suppliers and service providers in the implementation of measures to promote higher productivity, and in the adoption of best operating practices to ensure food safety and security, that wat quality is the constant in their products and services.