Organization Philosophy

  • mision


    Our reason for being …

    To elaborate with Mexican countryside products such as concentrates, pulps, frozen and dried fruits, among other derivatives, for the industrial market, meeting the highest quality indices worldwide, that have been accepted and recognized on national and international levels, promoting the integral development of the human element and the interests of reaching profitability for our shareholders.

  • vision


    Where we are headed?

    Our products transcend borders and get to be consumed worldwide, consolidating our position as the best company in Mexico, and one of the first worldwide within the sector.

  • filosofia2


    What do we believe?

    Always and at all times we will have the concept of full quality as a standard to follow in our company and in our personal lives, we will take as a commitment to offer customers the best product at the best price, fully develop our staff so they have a better life, offer investors a consistent profitability with their invested capital and seek to contribute to society fulfilling our obligations on time and generating actions to protect our environment.

  • valores


    • • Responsability.
      To fulfill in time and form obligations and commitments. It is a positive characteristic on people who are capable to commit and act in the right way.
    • • Honesty.
      To keep a clear a decent behavior. It is a human condition that consist in behaving and expressing with sincerity and coherency. It’s being authentic, genuine and always act base on the truth.
    • • Loyalty.
      To be Fidelity towards our mission, to offer our best effort for our company. It is a virtue that implies to fulfill a commitment under any circumstances.
    • • Respect.
      To express courtesy and tolerance towards other people thinking, felling and acting. It is a value that allows to recognize, to accept and to appreciate the qualities and rights of other human beings.
    • • Teamwork.
      We integrate a team with people willing to achieve shared objectives; adding talent and commitment, open to diversity of opinions, knowledge and skills, because collaboration, respect and mutual support are the base of our relations.
    • • Innovation.
      We are committed with creating value and continuous improvement of our company. As coworkers we assume personal responsibility to innovate, be productive and continuous improvement in Mexifrutas.
    • • Equity.
      In Mexifrutas people justly receive their fair share for their merits and acts; acting impartially in deal, opportunities and remuneration.