Development And Research

Development And Research


F rom the beginning Mexifrutas has been characterized for an innovative and avant-garde attitude, driving with this research and development schemes that have provided the foundation and tools for the growth of the company.

We have the Research Innovation and Development Center (CIID), which is the result of a visionary idea of senior management, seeking to increase competitiveness, meet the highest standards of the export market and achieve customer satisfaction.

Our Research Center was consolidated with infrastructure and first class equipment in 2007, place where a serious research takes place to promote the development of new products and the optimization of its raw materials and processes.

At the Research Center several methodologies are apply in laboratory and pilot level that allow the study, evaluation and optimization of resources, which increases the level of success in industrial escalations.

This methodologies supported by equipment and technology, makes possible to perform physical chemistry analysis, compositional, toxic waste, heavy metals, enzymology, antioxidant activity, among others, (in addition to the simulation of industrial processes), distinguishing our company with the rest in the field.

This center serves each of our lines of business: Pulps and Concentrates, IQF Frozen and Dehydrated, where the main objectives are:

  • Assurance and increased product quality.
  • Create new products and processes.
  • Improve current products and processes.
  • Development and capitalization of knowledge.

All this focused on providing quality service to our customers...