ANUGA 2017


Start of season Guava

August 28, 2017

ANUGA 2017



It is the main food fair in the world for the retail trade and the food services and catering market. With more than 280.000 m2 of exhibition, the event gives an account of the main global trends and business opportunities of the sector. The fair is held every two years and, in 2015, brought together about 160,000 visitors from 192 countries. The first Anuga was made in 1919 in the German city of Stuttgart, as part of a national meeting organized by the sector’s guilds. In a few years, the scale of the fair increased to 200 exhibitions, all local, and its success took it to be an annual meeting, being organized in different German cities. In 1924 the first Anuga of Cologne was carried out, with 340 exhibitions and near 40,000 visitors, becoming this city in the official headquarters of the event until today.